Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Data Import/Export Framework new version released

What’s New :  Part of foundation layer in CU7.
Key Features:

•150  Entities out of the box ( 80+ new entities added)
◦Master Data
◦Reference Data
◦System Configuration data
◦Application configuration data – Parameters, Reference data, etc.
•Support for creating custom entities using Custom entity creation wizard.
•Import Entity data from multiple sources
•Flat File – Delimited and Fixed Width
◦XML – XML file
◦Excel – Excel file
◦ODBC – external data bases , Excel files , etc.
•Export Entity data from AX 2012 to 
◦Other AX 2012 environments
◦Flat File , XML File and Excel file
•New Retail specific entities
•Copy entity data across companies
•Support for exporting data in multiple formats – delimited, fixed width, XML and excel for bulk data.
•Enhancements to custom entity creation
•Compare and Copy Entity data across Legal entities
•Entity types – Entity, composite entity and flat table.
•Mapper control
•Parallel execution support from staging to target using Task Bundling
•Folder as input for running periodic import  - with  functionality to move files to different folders (In Process, Error and Completed)
•Error handling  - skipping error rows , etc.
•Set based support for staging to target
•Default value Support
•Number sequence Support
•External Key mapping Support
•·         Source to Target in single step
•·         Multiple AOS support
•Role based security and privacy extension for Entities and Processing Group
•Securing Processing group by company.
.. and lot more.