Friday, April 1, 2011


As you all know this year (2011) Microsoft is planning to release Dynamics Ax 2012 or famously called as Ax 6.0. So what we can expect in this new version, have a look below

1. Shift away from AOD files to a SQL Server-based model store, model files (.axmodel), the perception of "parallel layers" using models, the command-line utility AXutil to manage manage models and model files as well as the graphical Model Management tool for managing models and model files.

2. Setting up security in Microsoft Dynamics AX using the new role-based security model. Wherein you will define the security artifacts in the AOT and creating security policies.

3. In Current version DAX 5.0 Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 Role Centers and analysis cubes required a BI developer. In AX 6.0, setup and configuration of Analysis cubes can be done by a customer/partner with a wizard driven interface without having to go into BI development studio.

4. New eventing feature will be available in Microsoft Dynamics AX, it can be used to decouple publishers and subscribers, alleviating many upgrade issues.

5. Element IDs (such as table and class IDs) have been a problem since Microsoft Dynamics AX1 because they are limited to small ranges and often results in conflict between solutions. This, however, is changed in Microsoft Dynamics AX6.

6. A lot of Workflow enhancements has been done in Ax 6.0, wherein user will configure the workflow the way one creates flowchart in Visio.

7. Layout guidelines to support which language(X++ or .Net) or development environment (Visual studio or Morphx) to choose while doing customizations or developments. So guys/gals please make yourself updated with C# development.

8. Tool available to Convert Reports developed in X++ to SSRS Report!!! And also the way used to deploy the SSRS Reports has been changed.

9. New enhanced X++ editor with lots of colored indentation, intellisense features and code formatting!!

10. New Reporting programming model based on RDP which provides more control over data and UI design.

Prepare yourself to upgrade/development battle and enjoy new version once it reaches market!!!!

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