Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Difference between Transfer Journal ,Transfer Order and Stock Transfer?

What is the difference between a transfer journal and a transfer order?
A) With the help of the transfer journal, the Inventory Manager transfers the items from one dimension (warehouse, location, color, etc) to another one instantaneously.

The transfer order is used for registering in the system the items that must be moved from one warehouse to another and for managing this process.

Process Includes:
Create Transfer Order
Pick Items to Transfer->then->Picking list registeration
Pick Items to Transfer(No Picking list registeration)
Ship Transfer Order
Receive the Items at other end.

What is the difference between a transfer Order and Stock tranfer?
A) For Indian Localization taxation, Microsoft Included Stock transer.It will Includes taxes on the Item in the transfer Process(Create Stock transfer,Pick,ship,receive)

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